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Software as a Service

Software as a Service, otherwise known as SaaS, is commonly referred to as on-demand software. SaaS is kind of like renting a software platform. While over the years SaaS products have been limited to certain types of software, such as accounting, ERP, and CRM software, almost any software can be delivered as SaaS. SaaS is generally a hosted software solution and these days the more advanced SaaS products are hosted using Cloud Computing technologies.

Custom Software

Many companies have the need for custom software. This is because every company, no matter how similar they may be, is unique when it comes down to their business processes and needs. Software that is designed for your industry isn't necessarily software that is designed for you.

Owning custom software is not without its challenges though, the first one being the upfront development cost that has to be paid just to build the software. As the owner of the software you become responsible for maintenance, hosting, support, and feature growth; all of which translates into a variety of new business responsibilities. You find yourself paying for your own software developers, IT staff, servers, and a variety of switching, routing, and firewall equipment. This translates into a lot of cost and resources as you use and grow the software.

Traditional SaaS as an Alternative

SaaS is a great alternative to the ownership headaches associated with custom software, but with traditional SaaS software you lose much of the flexibility for custom features that only a Custom Software solution can provide. This is the dilemma we have been referring to; you have to balance the tradeoff between flexibility and cost of ownership.

Custom SaaS

Over the years we have evaluated this dilemma as consultants for many clients, and then it dawned on us. Why choose between SaaS and Custom Software; when you can have the benefits of both. I know, it is a radcial and nearly unbelievable idea; but it does exist and we do offer it. SeamlessDev offers a service that we like to call Custom SaaS. Our Custom SaaS solutions have all the characteristics that you would expect from a SaaS platform. Higher performance cloud based architecture and on-demand scaling to support growth; we deliver it to you as a managed software service without any of the headaches and cost of software ownership. What you probably didn't expect though is what we call extensibility.

Extensible SaaS Solution

Our SaaS solutions are built to be truly extensible so that you can have any type of feature you can dream up. We custom build the features you want; something that you would only think was possible from buying a custom software. The cost for the customization is paid out over time and integrated into your monthly billing, so that you don't have to upfront the cost of the software. We have adapted our SaaS software platform for many industries; for example if you are interested in eCommerce, checkout our eCommerce SaaS Solution

Our SaaS platform is built for the generic needs of custom software, so we can customize it and adapt it specifically for your needs and it can be used for any industry.

Custom Programming

Now don't get us wrong, we are still a firm believer that some situations absolutely require a custom software product that you own, and in fact we offer such services. So if your needs absolutely require you to own your own custom software check out our Custom Programming Services
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