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Custom Programming

Well, the heart of our business is custom software, and we have programmers, so naturally we provide custom programming services. In the IT programming industry there are many companies that say they provide custom programming; however, that is not always what you get. Some companies provide customization of existing products, like CMS software (Joomla, Wordpress, Oscommerce); that's not custom programming. We make custom software from scratch, just like momma used to make - that assumes momma was a technological genius, of course.

Now for those of you whose momma isn't a superior code ninja, or if your momma just isn't talking to you right now, SeamlessDev will offer our custom software solutions to help you accomplish your goals. We specialize in eCommerce software; however, we have experience with all types of custom software and can build anything that you can dream up.

Our team has software architects, data and infrastructure engineers, programmers, designers, user interface specialists, project managers, and business process experts that help evaluate your needs, then plan, design, build, deploy and maintain your custom software.

We even provide consulting services to help you plan you internal software project or evaluate another third party developer you want to use for your project.

We support a vast variety of programming languages and frameworks. We can integrate your custom software with third party API systems. We work with many different infrastructure technologies and cloud computing services. Learn more about our Integration Solutions

We make custom software that is unique to your needs; anything you want, starts now.


Developers, developers, developers; we got developers. Sometimes we prefer to call them programmers.

In the world of programming there are basically 2 types of programmers; Laborers and Innovators.

Any programming company can provide labor, but true innovation requires talent and creativity. Our staff has been groomed to convert your creative ideas into technical specifications and ensure that you receive a product that you will love. We predict and solve problems during the development process so that you don't have to worry about them after your product is live. And when you have that idea for the next big thing that no one can figure out how to make, we can come up with the solution that can make it a reality.

Seamless has innovators, not just programmers.

How To Hire A Programmer

You may also want to know; how to hire a developer? Whether you call them a software programmer or IT developer the process is the same. Unfortunately the IT software industry has been flooded with companies that just can't perform. We estimate that probably 80% of software developers will either leave you stranded somewhere along the project, or give you a custom product that doesn't meet your needs.

You should be in love with your custom software; that is how you know you picked the right IT development company.

Some development companies are malicious and others just don't have the talent or experience required to make your software. Most people will recommend that you get examples of previous work and references before you make your decision. The truth is that both of these are useless, a great example or reference for previous work has no reflection on how a company will do on your project. A bad example or reference for previous work should hold no reflection on the development company; the project owner has the final say in a projects look and features so they could have forced the developer to build based on their poor decisions.

You could use a consultant to help you plan your project and evaluate a development company. You need to use a real software development consultant though. Your friend who can build a webpage does not qualify for this position. Neither does the guy you know who is in school for computer science, or was in school for it 20 some odd years ago and is now doing something else. Don't fall for using the person you know that works at XYZ conglomerate and has been working as an as an Oracle administrator, IT manager, or Lotus Notes programmer from the inside of a cubicle for 20 years either; their insight isn't relevant to what you are doing. Use a real and current software architect or engineer that is relevant and does software consulting for a living.

When all is said and done, you, the business owner, are the only person who can be responsible for the decision of what software development company to hire. You're a business owner and you should trust your instincts and know that only you are going to protect yourself properly.

A real developer should be able to give detailed technical answers to your questions. You should self educate, understand your basic needs, and ask a lot of questions about your project. Then you should take the information you learn, re-evaluate and come back later with more questions. After you talk to a real IT professional you should feel like you learned something about your project.

There is no magic in software, just complex technical processes; so if you feel you are being sold something that can only be described as magic instead of technical details; you have stumbled upon a warning sign. If a developer cannot give you a good technical explanation of a process they are either maliciously trying to sell you something that is not there, or are just unknowledgeable on the subject. Unfortunately some developers will take jobs that they have no idea how to accomplish, with the hope that they will figure it out along the way. An experienced and confident programmer will have detailed answers for your questions.
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