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Search Optimization

I assume you probably have a few questions about this service. Search Optimization is a very big topic; here are some answers to your common SEO questions.

What is SEO?

Well that's easy; SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Search optimization is a way of manipulating a webpage so that it can easily be read by a search engine, such as Google. In addition, it verifies that the content and format, of that content, is delivered in such a manner so that a search engine considers the information you are advertising as a relevant result. If your site is formatted correctly, and the search engine trusts that it is relevant, you will appear in the results for those targeted phrases within a person's search query. That is a somewhat simple definition, but the truth is that SEO becomes more complex as the internet evolves.

SEO How To

It is much more in-depth that adding a keyword to a webpage; hey if it was that simple we would all be on the front page. SEO encompasses many topics and tactics. There are a ton of ways to drive traffic to a site and you can toss a ton of money at it; however, the most important online marketing strategy is the organic SEO factor.

Organic SEO

Think of organic SEO as the foundation of your online marketing. Without this good foundation as part of your marketing strategy all of the advanced and costly advertising tactics that you buy from an ad agency or marketing firm are worth nothing. As with all of our products and services Seamless provides customized SEO solutions that are tailored to your company. We evaluate your products and services and get a good understanding of your industry. Then we go into our deep research mode, note that during this process we wear our special research hat. During the research process we identify key terms and words that we should organically target. We then help you modify your web content to be relevant to these traffic driving terms. We ensure that the code format of your site is advantageous to both the end user and the search engine. Then we move on to a bunch of additional organic SEO tactics that are customized to re-enforce the penetration of your site as a relevant traffic destination to the internet customers that you are targeting. In the end you are using our special SEO recipe to ensure that you have the best organic foundation for your internet marketing strategy. That way when you do expand into advanced paid and non-paid traffic tactics for your internet advertising, you get better results because you have a relevant, aka search optimized, foundation.

Pay Per Click

Assuming of course you already have that good organic SEO foundation, Seamless will manage your pay per click advertising. We work with a network of companies that specialize in pay per click, and with this service we boss them around on your behalf. We become your marketing management team; we work with a network of pay per click specialists to review your web presence and use that information to design the ideal paid marketing plan. We monitor the performance of each advertising specialist that we task to work for you, adjusting their budget according to the performance of each respective marketing specialist. This allows us to make sure you are putting your money where it counts. Because of this performance based budget relationship, these SEO specialists work harder and compete against each other; this ensures that you benefit from the best possible internet strategy.


It's all about the look! A must have for any company is that business presence, which comes from your branding. You can't always describe it, but you know it when you see it, and so do your customers. Let our Seamless presentation team help you for all of you branding needs. Our marketing team and graphic designers spend time learning about your company, your product, your customers and your industry. We use that information and our experience to come up with a branding plan that will put you above your competitors. We create your logos, web designs, product packaging, physical and digital advertising media, and just about anything that can showcase your name. We make sure you have that professional look and communicate your unique style to your industry.

Product Development

If you are launching a new product or line of products you have come to the right place. Our marketing professionals work with you to create a marketing plan for your product that is unique, and provides you the edge you need to make your product launch a success.

Social Marketing

The evolution of the social internet has created a fruitful addition to internet marketing. As with online marketing the social network is able to be very rewarding when done right and nothing but a waste of time and money when done wrong. Let our social marketing experts do it for you. We provide a full range of social marketing services, and as with all Seamless products and services, we customize our social marketing services to fit your unique needs. So whether you want us to Twitter your tweets, Facebook your likes, plus your Google, or link you in; we can make a solution to help you make sense of it all and reap the benefits of the social networking phenomenon.
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