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Integration and Technologies

Seamless supports a vast variety of programming languages, frameworks, infrastructure products and api integrations.

API Integration Solutions

If you need to integrate or communicate with a third party or custom software or service, we are your integration experts. We are not ones to mince words so we will clearly state; if you can provide us with some type of API or communication method for a software or service, we can consume that API and integrate that product. There truly are too many to list, however here are a few of the API's that work with.

eBay API

We integrate with all of them. Trading, finding, merchandising etc… We specialize in eBay integrations and are experts in the eBay development world. Prior to the end of the eBay Third party checkout program in 2011, we were one of the 6 eBay developers worldwide that were approved to run an eBay checkout system. That means that out of the thousands of registered eBay developers we were one of the 6 trusted to process eBay checkouts.

Etsy API

Sell all the homemade goods you want.


We love logistics

PayPal API

nvp api, x.commerce, website payment pro, payflow; like we keep telling you, all of them.

Yahoo API

Maps, mail, geocoding, RTML, Yahoo stores; everything in the Yahoo Developer Network.

Facebook API

You like this?

Google+ API

This is one of our lonely integrations, but we have it if you want it. Maybe someday people will use Google+, this way you can be ready for it.

Twilio API

Call, text, route, process, and create phone calls and call handling solutions right into your software.

Amazon API

We integrate with all of them. AWS, MWS, EC2, RDS, S3, product advertising api etc… Like we said, all of them.


Ship and validate all you want.

FedEx Web Services

Yes, even smartpost.

Google API

Maps, gmail, geocoding; everything they got.

Monsoon Works Software

Have monsoon, and need a webstore; we got you covered with our monsoon XML integration.

Twitter API

Follow, tweet and hashtag away.

eBay Classifieds API

we are ready to post your ads.

Programming Languages and Frameworks

We love the code; love, love, love it. While all languages and frameworks interest us and we can work with just about anything; here are a few of our favorites.


C sharp, visual c#, whatever you want to call it or however you want to use it.


2.0 and 3.0 we use it for traditional flash and the overly cool flex products.


Fancy JavaScript mixed with a bit of the XML HTTP request. Some people call it advanced, but we prefer fancy; calling it advanced sounds like we offer and un-advanced JavaScript.


Yahoo User Interface Library, more fancy JavaScript and Ajax goodies.


Also the Ajax control toolkit. Did we mention how fancy it was?


Native C++ aka unmanaged C++, and managed C++ aka .NET C++ versions

Flex and Flash

Adobe's awesome cross platform frameworks and products for rich interfaces. We use Adobe Air for the desktop needs and Adobe flash to get the same effect in a hosted webpage.


A framework for fancy JavaScript.

JavaScript and HTML

How could we survive without it? And we do it in an advanced way.


2.0, 3.5, 4.0 doesn't matter which one, we love them all.

SDI Frameworks

Yep, that's right; we have made a few of our own code frameworks too. SDI stands for Seamless Development Inc., in case you were wondering.

Infrastructure Products

Our specialties are cloud infrastructure technologies and Microsoft windows networks. But our knowledge doesn't stop there. We support a wide variety of server and infrastructure products; we even do Mac and Linux. Here are a few notable server and infrastructure products we work with.

Active Directory

The must have foundation for your business computer network. We even integrate Linux and Mac computers into active directory.

MySql Server

This one will sneak up on you. Because it is an opensource and in most cases free product you might overlook its greatness; love the built in features for paging query results.

Windows Azure

Develop, Deploy, Scalability, Performance, Storage. Azure holds endless possibilities and is probably the best cloud computing product for enterprise software. Azure has so many features that every time we look at the Microsoft Azure platform we seem to find something new in there.

Azure Table Storage

An analytical nosql table data service, with partitioning support and a few other extra goodies; much better than amazon SimpleDB.

Rackspace Apps

Hosted Email and business productivity applications. They have cloud hosted exchange email and offer hybrid solutions between exchange and their own cloud hosted IMAP and POP email products. Rackspace has a pretty cool offering of email products, with some innovative integration and feature options as well as having the best customer service is the business.

Amazon AWS

Probably the most technologically advanced offering of cloud infrastructure products, however there customer service is just about non-existent. Good products though.

GoDaddy 4GS

Cool new on demand scalable cloud hosting from GoDaddy. Think of it as a PaaS (Platform as a service) product or how we like to refer to it, an application cloud. It has a few limitations, but at its price point you just can't beat it.


Internal and external dns. We know to properly set them up, and integrate them together. We can even leverage them for some cool failover and load balancing techniques.


We love our dell switches, and we like to use them to segment our traffic and keep our networks clean.


Our favorite flavor is Novell Suse, but we use a lot of them. We love Solaris too, which yes technically is not Linux, but close enough to mention.

MS SQL Server

The Microsoft powerhouse of in-house databases; great for advanced replication topologies.


Great little database for local data caching in desktop and mobile applications.

SQL Azure

The power of Azure an MS SQL Server combined, what more could you ask for?

Azure Table Storage

The next age of cloud hosted exchange email and business productivity applications. Hosted by Microsoft and probably one of the best hosted email products we have ever used.

Cloud database technology owned by Salesforce. No matter what opinion you hear about this product, after using it we can say it is all it claims to be. A truly high performance, advanced, and innovate RDBMS Database as a Service product.

Rackspace Cloud

The best customer service of all providers, along with a very respectable and robust service offering. Cloud Sites is their application cloud product, which is one of my favorite hosting infrastructure products of all time. Cloud Servers is an awesome cloud virtual machine product, which is just flat out better than Amazon EC2


Microsoft Internet Information Server, our favorite web server. We have watched it grow over the years. IIS 4, IIS 5, IIS 6, IIS 7, and IIS 7.5


When you need to have secure remote access or site to site vpn connections for branch offices or partner networks, who you gonna call? Well we hope your answer is Seamless. L2TP, PPTP, SSL VPN we know how to build them, control them and monitor them. We use VPN appliances as well as software VPN solutions like RRAS and NAP integrated solutions.


We love to work with ip pbx systems and polycom ip phones. Our favorites are for a hosted solution and digium switchvox for an in-house system.

Mac OS X

We use tiger, leopard, snow leopard, lion and just about anything that growls. Don't spread it around, but we may have dabbled a bit with OsX86, otherwise known as OsX on a PC; just for research of course.

South Jersey Web Design

Yes, we are a Website Development and Custom Application Programming company located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. And yes, we do on occasion hang out at the Jersey Shore. But as you can see being from

NJ doesn't mean the only thing we know is GTL (Gym Tan Laundry), we have experience in all types of infrastructure, networking, programming, and development related technologies and integration solutions.
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