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SDI Showcase

The SDI Showcase for eBay is a unique website product that was designed to meet the unique needs of an eBay seller. Being an eBay seller is great, and so is having an eBay store, but the eBay store system limits your ability to advertise your eBay listings, doesn't allow you to provide your users with a unique and custom shopping experience, and makes it impossible to use advanced internet marketing to grow your own business. The SDI Showcase is an eBay solution that solves all of these problems. Once you realize the power and capabilities of the SDI Showcase for eBay, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it.

eBay Website

Think of the Showcase as your own eBay website, and a much needed upgrade for your eBay store. The Showcase integrates with your eBay store and offers you the ability to provide users with a better way to search for your items that are listed on eBay. The eBay store system only allows for a very limited amount of customization; the SDI Showcase system integrates with your eBay store and provides you with limitless customization capabilities. With the SDI Showcase you can now offer your buyers a better user experience. We can fully support your own branding and design ideas to produce the eBay look and functionality that you have always dreamed about. You can even have your Showcase expanded to include any other types of pages that you could want in your website, traffic analytics, and run at your own domain name. You get your eBay website at, and anything you want, starts now.

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SEO For eBay

Another limit of the eBay store system is that you have no control over the SEO and advertising for your own store. The SDI showcase solves this issue for you. Designed with an advanced organic SEO foundation, you will now be able to have your eBay business and products show up in search engines.

The SDI Showcase gives you control over your eBay marketing options. You can now promote your items across the internet with ease, and run real marketing campaigns against your own eBay website.

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