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Selling Online

Selling online can be both fun and a very profitable business venture. There are so many strategies for being a successful online seller, and you have the ability to reach many more customers than you could in a brick and mortar storefront. If you are going to sell online you should take a good look at eBay. eBay provides a marketplace of deal hungry buyers just waiting to order your products. eBay is a unique community centric marketplace, and while some of its unique traits are what make eBay a very successful online marketplace to sell product; the unique environment of the eBay community can provide businesses with some significant challenges. This becomes apparent as you start your eBay business, and even more apparent when you attempt to grow and scale your eBay sales.

eBay Software

If you want to run an eBay business, you need some way to manage it. Seamless provides an all in one software solution for eBay sellers. We enable you to manage every aspect of your eBay business from one central system. We have options that fit sellers of all sizes and we are able to customize our platform to meet your specific needs. Think of our software as your all in one eBay operations management system.

Sourcing Inventory

As an eBay seller one of your first tasks in the sales lifecycle is obtaining product to sell, we refer to this process as sourcing inventory. Some sellers manufacture their own products, some sellers purchase product from vendors, and other sellers consign product for their clients. No matter which of these categories you fit into, or even if you do a little bit of each, you probably have a need to track what you are getting and where you are getting it from. When you are able to properly track this information and relate it to later product actions, like when a product is sold or where that product is stored in your warehouse, you are able to gain valuable insight into your business.

Inventory Barcoding

It is hard to keep track of your products, and this task becomes even harder as you grow. SeamlessDev has integrated barcode technology for your items. We barcode all the things! We don't stop at items either; we have extensive barcode support for many aspects of our system technology. Use our barcode inventory management system to reduce errors, increase productivity and find what you have.

Product Photos

To sell on eBay you have to have photos of your product. In some cases, you are able to use stock photos; however, most eBay sellers have the need to take photos of their products, lots of photos. The photo process can be time consuming and involve a significant amount of complicated management tasks, as well as hosting performance and storage challenges. Our eBay software includes a fully integrated solution for taking photos and associating them to products in your SKU catalog; that means no more playing with camera data cards, separate uploading, naming and associating photos to your items. We also provide automated image optimization and high performance cloud hosting and storage for your photos. We serve your photos to your buyers from our global high performance content delivery network or CDN for short. So buyers across the world see your images just as fast as local buyers do.

Data Collection

In order to sell an item on eBay you do have to collect some data about the item. Many sellers consider this one of their biggest challenges. The title and description for an eBay item is not just product information; it is part of your advertising and merchandising strategy and is responsible for how your items show in search results. Training your data entry employees to be product merchandisers and internet marketers is just inefficient. Unless you plan on hiring internet strategy professionals for your data entry staff, you are going to end up with lower item values and a loss of potential revenue because not every data entry employee you have is going to follow the same advertising rules or understand how to properly merchandise a product. Seamless has created a solution for this issue that has long plagued eBay sellers. We use a unique compartmentalized data collection procedure that enhances the data collection process. The system collects data in a unique way that allows data entry staff to input product information at face value instead of trying to write a title or description. The system then uses advertising rules, which can be finely tuned by your advertising specialists, to automatically write the titles and descriptions for you based on a combination of the data collected from the item and the advertising rules you have defined. In other words, problem solved by using some innovative thinking.


Tracking, crunching, and reporting on data might not sound like the most exciting feature of you software platform, but to a business owner or executive staff it can hold the key to making your business successful. The modern online business needs to be able to effectively track and crunch data on demand in order to have the insight needed to make key business decisions. Numbers do not have opinions, they state the true facts of your business process and they never lie. We have found that every business has different needs when it comes to reporting, because every business is unique. Seamless offers a Business Intelligence solution, commonly referred to as BI, to help solve the reporting needs for your online business. We dump data into a third party reporting solution that has all the BI features you need to create any report you can think up. We give you a few common reports to get you started, and if for some reason you need to track some data that we haven't provided, we can customize our platform to gather the data you need.


Seamless eCommerce operations software is designed with productivity in mind. We are able to customize every aspect of the user interfaces along with your business processes to ensure that every keyboard and mouse click happens in the most efficient way. You have to use this software all day, and the wrong user interface design can restrict your productivity and cost you money. SeamlessDev designs every user interface to be custom for your online business.

Employee Metrics

Assuming what your employees do and knowing what they do are two different things. Seamless can provide you with a way to have valuable insight into what your employees can do. This information can be used to improve your business throughput. You will be able to identify which employees perform better at which jobs. You can identify business processes that need attention and efficiency improvements. You can identify which employees may need re-education and re-enforcement training for a particular task. You can even use this information to plan the scaling of your company, or plan for the amount of employee resources you need to meet certain goals. There are limitless applications for this data; when you can relate people to processes and product types you can obtain the insight you need to fine tune your business operations and convert your company into a lean mean profit machine.

Shipping and More

What did you say? Of course we have more great features! Plenty more! We include a robust feature set that can be customized to your specific needs. We have fully integrated solutions for fulfillment, shipping and more. We integrate directly with multiple shipping carriers and services so you can shop for the best rates on a per package basis. We have features that handle every aspect of you eCommerce business from the time you acquire products to the time they ship out to the end customer. We even go a few steps further so you can plan for resources, report and evaluate every aspect of your online business; the insight our software provides puts the information in your hands so you can continually adjust and grow your online empire.

Multi Channel eCommerce Platform

Our eBay seller software is part of our Multi Channel Retailing software. Seamless offers a cloud based all in one eCommerce platform that integrates with more than just eBay. It is a complete eCommerce operations software that is customizable to your needs.
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