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Cloud Email Hosting

Email is possibly one of the most important communication methods for the modern business. It is your main method of communication and you need it every day. You need it to work properly and be one of those key services within your organization that you never need to worry about it. When email works you probably never notice it, and even take it for granted a bit. When email feels ignored and unappreciated, it will remind you just how important it is by acting up and making your business communications come to a screeching halt. The remnants of such a disaster will haunt you for days and sometimes even weeks after it has been fixed.

Seamless provides managed cloud email services that help keep your temperamental email system in line. Cloud hosting makes email responsive and scalable as well as being a fault-tolerant and redundant solution, it ensures that even if there is an outage you never lose any of those important business communications.

Remote Email Access

SeamlessDev provides remote access to email services via advanced webmail portals. This way you can access your email from cloud servers no matter where you are in the world, even when you are not at your own computer.

Mobile Email

Seamless supports mobile email integration with all types of smartphone and tablet devices. Most of our mobile configurations support remote device wiping as an added security layer in case you lose your phone.

Secure Laptop Email

Seamless provides laptop email security solutions to protect your company information. Just because a laptop is stolen doesn't mean your email should be. We can configure your laptop to access email through Outlook or other web clients while never actually downloading any of the emails to the laptop. You get your standard Outlook experience without the security risk of email being cached on your hard drive.

Encrypted Email

If you have the need for high security email encryption we offer a variety of email encryption solutions that can be tailored to your needs.

Email Technology

We offer a few types of cloud hosted email solutions. Some users like our advanced IMAP email boxes, because even our IMAP solutions come with contact and calendar features. Other users demand nothing less than our Microsoft Exchange mailboxes.

Hybrid Email Configurations

We have found that some companies have the need for both types of our email services. IMAP boxes for standard employees, and Microsoft exchange mailboxes for executive needs. We can create custom hybrid solutions that can incorporate both of our cloud email platforms into your organization. We can support your more advanced configuration needs as well, like integration with on-premise servers, department subdomains, and multi-domain support.

Special Pricing

We offer special pricing for Microsoft Office 365 exchange email. We offer Office 365 at the price of $5 per mailbox.

Custom Email Configurations

Like all of our services Seamless Cloud Email Hosting can be customized to your needs. Give us a call to talk about your email needs and we can create a custom configuration that is designed specifically for you.
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