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Cloud eCommerce

The core of our cloud eCommerce solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed for multi channel retailing. Our multi channel platform consists of a collection of our unique cloud technologies that work together to provide a seamless all-in-one eCommerce solution.

Cloud Hosting

SeamlessDev has created a unique cloud hosting architecture that we call SDI Core, SDI stands for Seamless Development Inc., in case you were wondering. SDI Core is a collection of cloud database, cloud server, cloud storage, and cloud application technologies from multiple vendors. We add our own custom system analysis and system architecture schemas on top to create a uniquely robust, high performance cloud hosting system with on-demand scalability and a bunch of redundancy.

Custom User Interfaces

The user interface is commonly regarded as the most important piece of any eCommerce software. You have to use this software all day, and the wrong user interface design can restrict your productivity and cost you money. Seamless designs every user interface to be custom for your online business. We evaluate the needs and processes of your business so we can understand exactly what you need from your interface. Our API system even allows you to create your own interfaces. When we say API, we don't mean the limited API features you are probably used to from other eCommerce platforms; no we are not limited at all. We provide a fully robust API that allows you to do anything you need. How do we know it's good? All of our user interfaces use the same API that you use, so you can do anything that we can do; well, with the minor exception of a few billing and administration features which are restricted for obvious security reasons. We are developers and we love to interact with other developers, so we make the commitment to provide you with the extensibility that you deserve from a truly robust and extensible API system.

eCommerce Website

If you don't have an eCommerce website or you hate your existing webstore; no worries, we can fix that for you. SeamlessDev will make you a custom online storefront and integrate it into our cloud eCommerce platform.

Small Sellers, Big Sellers

We provide solutions for sellers of all size. For the small seller we provide all the features you need to keep your small business moving, and all the tools to help you be successful and grow your online business. If you're a big seller, or even a big big seller, we provide a robust set of features that can help you be effective as an online merchant. Our system can scale and grow on demand to meet the needs of even the biggest seller. We support multiple geographically diverse distribution centers and warehouses across any marketplace. Our custom development services allow us to integrate into any existing systems you may have in place.

Cloud Framework

Laid on top of our really cool cloud architecture is our cloud framework layer, which we call SDI Extender. SDI Extender is a collection of server technologies that include an API system, multiple data systems, server processes, and background services that perform system tasks. We call it Extender because we designed it with the custom user in mind. When we designed our framework we had one main requirement: extensibility. We needed to make sure that it could be extended in a way to fit the custom needs of any eCommerce business, and that is what we achieved. SDI Extender can be customized for your unique online business.

Multi Channel eCommerce

eCommerce is no longer limited. Our eCommerce software allows you to advertise and sell your products on multiple channels all from one central inventory management system. We have integrations solutions for common eCommerce marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. Our API system allows us to also integrate into your own webstore, or even multiple Commerce websites as needed. We also can perform custom integrations into any marketplace or Point of Sale (POS) System you might require. What is that you say, you don't have a POS system? That's okay, we can build one of those for you too, and of course it will be custom. Our eCommerce platform is built around the concept of extensibility, and this allows us to provide you with software that supports true multi channel retailing.

eCommerce Operations Solution

Our cloud eCommerce solution is much more than an advertising and selling platform, it is a complete eCommerce operations software. We handle every aspect of the eCommerce business from the time you acquire a product to when it ships out the buyer, and every step in between. We even take it a step further by offering user metrics, and business intelligence options, which let you crunch data and have true insight into your eCommerce operations.

Want More Details

Our software platform can be customized to your unique needs, and we offer a very robust set of features. Hungry for more? Learn about what we provide to eBay sellers; check out our eBay eCommerce Solution page which details some of our eCommerce features.
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