Wasserman, P.C. CPA

Client Background
Marc Wasserman, P.C., C.P.A., established his firm in May, 1989. The firm specializes in helping small businesses, trusts, estates and individuals with automated and manual accounting requirements.
In a business where ALL of your information is official and essential to keep secure, Marc Wasserman needed a network provider that would guarantee him security and confidence.
Seamless Development Solution
Seamless Development put together a network system for Wasserman that he could count on and better integrate with its Windows?-based environment.
We increased security with deploying Microsoft ForefrontT Client Security, which offers protection from spyware and other security threats. Microsoft ForefrontT also improves the overall protection of the network of computers and servers.
Along with a solid Network Infrastructure, Seamless Development made sure to keep Wasserman connected with his clients with:
Microsoft Exchange Email with Virus Protection
On & Off-site Back-up Solution
Seamless Development continues to work together with Wasserman to make sure the businesses, estates, and individuals that he serves are taken care of, allowing him focus on giving his clients the attention they deserve without having to worry about his network.