Remax Realty Agency

Client Background
A top Remax sales agent who was looking for an advanced yet friendly way to communicate the latest real estate information to her many varied clients.

In addition to current traditional client contact techniques, she wanted an upgrade to the typical email blast to keep her contacts informed.

Seamless Development Solution
Seamless Development consulted with her on her current client contact techniques and her goals moving forward. With that information we were able to develop a custom emailing platform which integrates the look and feel of the traditional techniques while providing the client with all of the usual information plus much more. She is also better able to interact with her clients and get feedback on the communication.

Also included is a user-friendly interface for her to use which makes creating the email campaigns quick and easy. Built-in are advanced techniques to maximize delivery rates. With this custom solution, clients can be kept up to date with the latest information and she can focus on doing what she does best.