QuickTax: Tax Application

Client Background
The Tax Application is a tax filing system that exists to help its users acquire a maximum refund and pay the least tax legally possible. The tax company was looking to expand their business online, and provide their customers with their own personal online accountant, and audit protection.

Seamless Development Solution
Keeping safety in mind, Seamless Development created a powerful multi-dimensional system for tax users and their accountants. Simplicity and usability were the main focus as we addressed these issues:

    * Updating custom graphics and flash
    * Encrypted database for automated updates
    * Helping their customers calculate their federal state refund
    * Quick payment process

To facilitate the need to create and update tax forms per year, Seamless Development created a simple, user friendly dynamic tax form generator. This internal system allowed administrators to add and edit tax forms on a yearly basis without having to create entirely new forms from scratch. Versioning the forms was added so that existing client tax returns would not be affected if a tax form was edited or added. Seamless Development then integrated the client's custom calculation engine in order to handle calculating and submitting federal and state returns to the IRS.

Tax users could log in to the web application, allowing them to add and edit tax returns per year. The design of the dynamic tax forms was set so that users could navigate and fill out the forms easily and quickly.