Posh Pups & The Cat's Meow
Client Background
Posh Pups & the Cat's Meow (PPACM) decided the most effective way to reach new customers while simultaneously strengthening existing customer relationships was to expand their presence on the Internet.
PPACM wanted to be able to offer current inventory stock as well as post information relating to back orders and service tickets from their current customer database. In addition, PPACM wanted to increase their visibility by sending out newsletters featuring new products as well as opening their business to on-line marketplaces such as eBay.com.
Seamless Development Solution
We implemented an all-in-one system which increased efficiency across the board with an interface that could be easily used and understood even by new employees:
  • Updated custom Flash website
  • Inventory managed by a system requiring only basic web navigation skills
  • Backend infrastructure to drive inventory to sell on eBay, Overstock & Amazon
  • Encrypted database for automated updates of inventory
  • On-line shopping cart and ordering system