Pearl Skin Care Products

Client Background
For many years, Pearl Skin Care Products has been known for personalized skincare treatments and products. Their products and services have been proven to help not only actors and supermodels, but many thousands of people who realize the importance of good skin care.

Experiencing rapid growth, and with over eight years since their last technology upgrade, Pearl needed new technology capable of growing just as quickly as their business.

To help Pearl Skin Care Products meet this goal, Seamless Development designed and built five separate interfaces tied together by one custom solution. This entire technology upgrade was an essential step toward better communication and efficiency between Pearl and their large and ever growing customer base.

Seamless Development Solution??
Seamless Development provided a full range of CUSTOM technology upgrades:

  • Upgraded current web site to .NET 3.5 with AJAX
  • Custom Point of Sale application
  • Wholesale web site for distributors
  • Shipping application for warehouse
  • Customer Service application
  • Network Infrastructure

Pearl Skin Care Products is committed to their customers, and knows that having a strong distribution network is an essential part of this commitment. The technology infrastructure that Seamless Development has implemented will help Pearl operate more efficiently.

  • Salon and Spa Scheduler - Collects customer information, employee & customer schedules & reporting into one integrated system, increasing productivity in scheduling and customer service
  • Upgraded current web site to .NET 3.5 with AJAX - Allows the administrator to add/edit dynamic web features such as specials and coupons and manages all operations of the web site
  • Custom Point of Sale application - Streamlines the company's inventory and sales process into one system that is completely unique and tailored to the needs of Pearl Skin Care Products
  • Wholesale web site for distributors - Connects the client to its distributors, making interaction quick and easy. Not only increases efficiency, but allows for positive growth in relationship with the wholesale providers
  • Shipping application for warehouse - Also integrated into the sales and inventory system, the outgoing goods process is easy to use with a simple, clean interface, which works with the major shipping providers
  • Customer Service application - Order fulfillment allows the client to accept mail/fax/phone orders & edit orders quickly with automatic system updates
  • Network Infrastructure - Improved scalability and availability with SQL replication. Continuously updated copies of data across multiple servers.