NJ Closeout Jewelry

Client Background
With more than 25 years of experience, NJ Closeout has a large collection of exquisite jewelry which includes a wide collection of diamond, gold, platinum, and much more.
Though the company has experience in every aspect of the business, including both direct sales to the public and wholesale to jewelry stores, NJ Closeout recognized their customers wanted to see them expand even more with an online presence.
Seamless Development Solution
NJ Closeout contacted Seamless Development to develop not only a eBay presence and branding but a management system for their inventory. After Seamless Development implemented a customized system to manage their products and eBay sales, NJ Closeout quickly became a PowerSeller on eBay and they have expanded far beyond their dreams.
Sales exceeded expectation so greatly for NJ Closeout that they chose to expand and to create their own online presence by developing a web site.
Success has been proven for NJ Closeout. They now have reached global sales, with clients from New Jersey to Japan.