Cash Them Textbooks

Client Background
Cash Them Textbooks was created to give students a way to buy and sell textbooks their way - enabling the student to not only purchase books, but also to make offers and trade for other goods they may need.

Cash Them Textbooks offers textbook buying and selling options that are affordable and realistic for the college student on a budget.

Seamless Development Solution
In addition to making the project search process intuitive and easy to navigate, we created functionality for Cash Them Textbooks that increases the efficiency of the listing and communication process. In addition we also created powerful program management tools for use by Cash Them Textbooks employees.

Applying the latest technology, the Cash Them web application supports the following uses:

  • Students (users) can register as a member and use Cash Them to buy, sell and trade their used textbooks with other students (users)
  • Sophisticated custom administration backend software allows Cash Them employees to add/edit dynamic web features and manage all operations of the web application.

As Cash Them Textbooks plans for a national expansion, Seamless Development has built the Cash Them Textbooks web application to support and encourages such growth, helping students get their necessary resources wherever they may be.