Client Background
BHFO sells new overstocked items from high end department stores through their eBay storefront. After a modest beginning typical of any eBay seller experience, the company skyrocketed to become one of the top PowerSellers on eBay today.
Due to their exceptional rise to big business, BHFO needed a company that could provide them with the technology they need to keep up with the fast pace of their working environment.
Seamless Development Solution
BHFO brought on Seamless Development to advance their technology on every level. Major developments have already been released, paving the way for even greater expansion for the future.
From their internal system to their eBay store to their upcoming website, BHFO is undergoing a huge shift in their business, allowing them to maximize their productivity and offer their inventory simultaneously through many different venues.
 We also replaced the entire BHFO network infrastructure with new hardware and up-to-date applications . Our network configuration service, completed at our location in New Jersey, ensured that once on-site the hardware simply needed to be plugged in to work perfectly. Along with our remote management service, the new BHFO network is both worry and hassle-free. From networking to web design to internal systems, Seamless Development continues to work with BHFO on systems that adapt to their growing business and increase their productivity.
The latest on Seamless ventures for B&H Factory Outlet is the new and improved BHFO eBay store. Utilizing our staff's vast knowledge of the eBay system, Seamless has created a completely customized user experience for BHFO store visitors. This completely dynamic and feature rich web application stands unchallenged as the most unique of eBay stores, setting B&H apart from their competitors.
The future of the partnership between BHFO and Seamless is limitless, with many new developments coming in the near future.