We built a technology company with experienced eBay sellers and
innovative software engineers...

What did you think would happen?

Finally a software platform designed by the people who use it. The performance and scalability of cloud
technology paired with the most robust set of ecommerce features.

We provide more than just the most innovative eCommerce software. With consulting from our staff of experienced
eBay sellers we help you grow your business, maximize your sales and increase your operational efficiency.

SDI Amp is a powerful multi-platform software capable of completely transforming your eCommerce business. Whether you are a small-time eBay dealer or a multi-channel eCommerce enterprise, we can take your business to double or even triple times its production and sales in a matter of months.
  • All-In-One Operations Management Software
  • Multiple eBay IDs and Distribution Centers
  • Warehouse Management and Barcodes
  • Small and Large Business Versions
Increase the capabilities of your eBay storefront with SDI Extender! Our integration with Selling Manager Pro ensures that you can quickly and easily manage your listings, increase your inventory data value and keywords, and maximize your visual presence with integrated HD photo capturing.
  • UPC-Based Data Lookup
  • Integrated HD Photo Capture
  • Free and Premium Accounts
  • Selling Manager Pro Integrated
SDI Shipping is the best tool for online sellers to provide accurate, instant shipping services and rates to their customers. No more losing business to uncertain shipping costs - with SDI Shipping, your customers will immediately know how much their purchase will cost them to ship.
  • The Next Generation of PC Postage
  • Real-Time Rate Shopping
  • USPS FedEx and UPS
  • Integrated Electronic Customs Forms
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